3 Eye Vision Exercises to Correct Your Vision

If you’re frustrated of having to wear glasses, then listen up. In this article, I’ll be introducing you to 3 eye vision exercises that will help you naturally correct your eyesight. There’s obviously a lot of more than 3 eye exercises that you can do but so as to not overwhelm you, this is what I’ll start with.

Contrary to popular belief, vision is mostly your brain’s task, not your eyes. Your eyes are merely a window in which light rays pass through. Thus to correct your vision, you should first correct the part of your brain that is responsible for vision. To do this, simply close your eyes and place your palm over them. This will block out all light and give your brain the opportunity to concentrate on your visualization. Visualize the most relaxing scenes there is and imagine you can see them without your glasses.
Every time you move, you should experience “oppositional movement”. This means if you move forward, you should perceive everything else to move towards you (in the opposite direction). If you don’t perceive oppositional movement and things look “flat” to you, you probably are having trouble with vision. Visualize this movement when you palm your eyes.
In everything that you see, focus. For example, when looking at a face, focus on the nose, then the lips, then the right eye and so on and so forth. Focusing reduces strain of trying to see everything at once. Strain causes your eye muscles to unhealthily tighten – repeated tightening causes chronic problem thus causing the vision problem.

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