Eye Vision Test – Simple Test to Check Your Eyes

When is the best time to have your glasses or lenses changed? We sometimes never pay attention to our corrective glasses or lenses we are wearing. Actually we need to check our eyes regularly each year or at least as soon as we feel inconvenient with our recent glasses or contact lenses.

Eye Vision Test can be done by your doctor or optometrist to determine whether you need a less or more corrective glasses or lenses. New prescribed glasses or lenses will be made according to your test result.

Usually the doctor will do simple test to check your eyes as follow:

1. Retinoscopy. It is usually the first eye exam that doctor will give you to make approximation of your prescription.

2. Refraction. During this test, doctor will be able to determine your exact prescription by using phoropter in front of your eyes and shows you series of lenses choices. Here you can find the right combination of lenses which can make you see clearly.

3. Autorefractors and aberrometers. With this test, your doctor can automatically determine your prescription. Your chin need to rest stable on both devises while you look at a pinpoint of light or other image.

4. Cover test. This is the simplest and the most common test among the others to determine how your eyes work together.

5. Slit-lamp examination. It is also called a biomicroscope which allows the doctor to gain magnified image of the structures of the eyes in order to thoroughly evaluates them for the sign of disease of infection,

6. Glaucoma test.

7. Visual field testing.

8. Dilation.

Eye Vision Test can actually be simple to do as everything you need is mostly available online at this era. There are many kinds of eye tests which can be found online since they are actually have been introduced long time ago. You should pick one of them which is suitable according to your eyes problem. Here are some of the tests:

o Eye test chart – This is a very simple optometrist’s chart you can find online. Any difference in the vision of both your eyes can be examined by using this test.
o Eye vision test
o Snellen eye test
o Alzheimer’s eye test

Snellen and Alzheimer’s eye tests are conducted to diagnose if there is specific problem related to your eyesight. Eyes are absolutely important for human beings, that is why you need to take care of them properly. Once you feel something strange to your vision, take a quick eye test either online or by making appointment with your optometrist. With the advance technology there is nothing impossible to find a solution.

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